Wicca Herbs: Some Common Facts and Applications

Herbs and the Planets

Sun – Angelica, Bay leaves, Cedar, and Chamomile

Mars – Basil, Blessed Thistle, Cayenne Pepper, and Cumin

Venus – Burdock, Blackberry leaf, Chocolate, and catnip

Moon – Camellia, Eucalyptus Leaf, Gardenia, and Seaweed

Mercury – Caraway, Red Clover, Dill, and Fennel Seed

Jupiter – Cloves, Dandelion Leaf, Dried Fig, and Hyssop

Saturn – Comfrey Leaf, Hulled Hemp Seed, Mullein, and Sea Salt

Neptune – Morning Glory Blossoms,

Pluto – Pau d’ Arco

Herbs and the Elements

Fire – Thistle Flower, Tobacco Leaf, Tea, and St John’s Wort

Water – Yarrow Flower, White Willow Bark, Vanilla, and Valerian Root

Earth – Spanish Moss, Shave Grass, Mugwort, and Moss

Air – Star Anise, Scotch Broom Leaf, Sage, and Pine

Herbs and Gender

Masculine – Peppermint, Pennyroyal, Nutmeg, and Mandrake Roots

Feminine – Hibiscus Flower, Gardenia, Feverfew, and Coltsfoot

Selecting Herbs for use

So, how do you use these characteristics in selecting the herbs for a specific purpose?

Gender – Generally, use the gender bias as one benchmark. For example, if you want protection against something or someone, use a masculine herb rather than a feminine. Examples of protective herbs are: Rosemary, Hyssop, Juniper Berries, Mandrake root and Pennyroyal. Conversely, feminine herbs seem to be used primarily for attraction in the sense or drawing something near. Rosehips attract love; Seaweed attracts customers to a business; Blackberry Leaf attracts wealth; and Camellia attracts money and prosperity.

Planets – A second benchmark can be the influence of the planets. For example, if you have a court case approaching, engage with Jupiter. Consider using Hyssop as it is both a protective herb and useful in legal matters. If it is love you are after, engage with Venus. Consider using Blackberry Leaves and Rosehip in your magickal workings.

Not all herbs are fit for consumption

It’s important to use each of these herbs in the correct manner. Some are highly poisonous if inhaled or ingested. Several herbs are widely used in ritual but never consumed. Holly Leaf and Morning Glory Blossoms immediately come to mind.

Herbal sachets

Here are some sachets you can make and wear on your person to bring about positive change in your life:

Good luck – Buckthorn bark, khus-khus, peony root, mistletoe, spearmint and tonka beans.

Success – Cinnamon, Red Clover, or Ginger.

Good Health – Galangal Root, Ginseng Powder, nettles and nutmeg.

Purification – Hyssop, Nettles, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Sage.

Emotional and mental health – Passion Flower and Horehound.

In order to effectively engage with the wonderful power of the Herbal Kingdom, it is important to study the subject at some length. Never use Herbs without having a firm knowledge and understanding of both the applications and effects.

If this topic is of interest to you from a magickal perspective, one of the most comprehensive magickal herbalism books on the market today is “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs” by Scott Cunningham (ISBN:0-87542-122-9).

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