Will a weight loss spell help me?

Dear Rose,
I am indeed a teenager. I have always been interested in the whole wiccan/witchcraft thing, but with my grandfather being a preacher, I was raised to believe that there is only one God, and there is not witches or wiccans, etc. I never thought that to be true. I think you can believe in whatever you choose. However, what truely got me interested again, is a friend of mine from school. She carries spell books and she knows everything. I want to learn how to envoke the inner spirit. I want to learn everything their is to know about this religion. I signed up for your 7 day mini course. Also, I am seriously overweight. When I say serious, I mean over 100 pounds over. I have tried about everything. My friend gave me a spell that she said worked for her, but I’m afriad it won’t work because I haven’t been dedicated to this religion like her. Do you have any recommendations on the spell? Thank you so much.

You said this spell worked for your friend, right?  Then my advice would be to talk with her and get to help you with it. She was already willing to share the spell which means she will probably also be willing to help you with your weight loss journey.

The best advice I can give you is that if you believe it will work and are willing to work at it, it will work. your friend will also probably tell you that it wasn’t simply a matter of cast the spell and the pounds melt off. I can’t say for certain, but I’m guessing that the spell your friend cast was something to give her the strength to do the things necessary to lose the weight.

Ask her what things she did specifically to lose weight. For example, did she do more exercise. Eat better?  All of these things can be aided by a spell that gives you strength of will…and by a good friend.

If she ahs recently lost weight, she will probably unerstand what you are going therough better than anyone else and be willing to work with you. Start small…going walking at the mall under the pretense of shopping and leaving a little bit of food behind when you eat a meal. This si hard ebcause so many of us have been taught to “clean our plates”, but if you skip even a few bites it can help start your weight loss.

Also, subtitute water for whatever else you were drinking. It will help you stay hydrated, which is important, and will also help you prevent eating useless calories like soda or latte.

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