Will I be rich?

My dearest rose The name of the rose is (happeness) why do i fear my future, I know money can be with me yet I fear having it while beginning to want it so I may help those lost souls who remain where once I dwelled. I feel money has cought up with me as I am about to enter my true self. I sat yesterday in a PH along side so many who would not have a clue without they richies, Many not very nice spirits and sore no future than the end of their nose. the whole experience has made me fear even more of takeing that step into a new life where money will be in abundance. will I change and become a slave to money like so many, will my dreams of bringing change fail me? And yes I do like you Years I have waited to begin to be in that position where I no I can do good by man/woman now its almost like I want to wait a thousand more years and toss the pebel that became rockal, yet its chrismas eve and an antisipation stirs within my very being Crowman ps will follow your links and like you on FB

Merry Meet Crowman,
I can understand your worries about the future. Most people, at one time or another will have worries about money. However, if we understand the rules under which money and prosperity operates, we may not have to worry so much about where or when we will become rich. Here are some basic rules when it comes to getting rich in life:
1. The number one rule that applies to money is our karmic action in our life. Although some believe that what we did in our previous life decides our life in this realm, most of us have seen the results of negative action in this life itself. So it is safe to work on getting good karma this life. That means we do not think negative thoughts about others regardless of what they look like or how rich they are.
2. Always think well of others around you. Wish them well and you will receive a bounty from the Universe as a result of your positive action of hope.
3. Most people are aware of our reactions even though we don’t say a word. Our attitude, looks, countenance, disposition, alienation, ignorance, etc shows louder than you can imagine!
4. When you are at peace with the Universe, you tend to help others without expecting anything. That creates a void which is immediately filled by who else, but the Universe! When you are least expecting it, wealth will be showered on you.
5. Even if you have no money, you can still find ways to do karmic actions such as helping an elderly person cross the street, taking a lost dog to the authorties, carrying heavy items for the disabled, etc. Look around and see what you can do for the Universe because the Universe is always looking for how it can repay you!
6. Be positive in your yearning for prosperity. Instead of hoping to win a lottery, think of getting a job. It may be twice as hard, but it will last much longer than a quick infusion of cash.
7. Overall, expect money by constantly helping others who may not even have what we have already.
Brightest Blessings

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