Will I get rich in the future?

will i get rich in the future to come

Merry Meet Seeker,
Yes, you will certainly get rich in the future if you follow the laws of the Universe. Money is energy and as such, it is conducive to our thoughts and deep visulalizations. However, money will come to you only if you are also generous.
Money alone will not make us happy. Along with money, most people need love, joy and a thriving life. When combined, all of our joys including money may be called “prosperity”. Prosperity is the state where we have almost everything that is necessary for a wonderful life with much promise for the future.
Here are some ways to bring prosperity to your life:
1. Be generous. Whethere someone asks you or not, be prepared to generously donate to different charities, organizations that take care of the poor, lost and suffering people, animals and other living things. The more generous we are, the richer the Universe blesses us.
2. Help people and others who may be helped. A simple act such as helping an old lady or a blind person (with their permission, of course) to cross a road, get into a bus or shop in a market can have lasting effects on your life in an amazing way.
3. Be nice to everyone including your family, friends, and extended family which includes the whole world. Do not think of what they may give back to you. Even though there may be selfish people in your family circle, it is best not to dwell on it but help them to do good deeds anyway.
4. Refuse to enjoy hurting others in thought or deed.
5. Know that you are precious and that you deserve the best in life.
6. Visualize your life as an adult with everything you need and set for life
7. Thank the Universe daily for each blessing you have such as eyesight, legs to walk on, good health, a smart brain. Also do not forget your daily food, your knowledge and many other blessings that many of us take for granted.
Brightest Blessings

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