Will I give my soul to the Devil for being a Witch?

Do you give your soul over to the devil for doing witchcraft?

There is no such thing as the devil, if you are wiccan and have reverence for the earth and nature, this is what you know to be true. Hell is the Christian form of Hades, or Hel, and early leaders of the church made up hell so people would be afraid and convert. Hollywood made a freaking fortune playing off of this idea, though. And by the way, Satanists, or Lucifarians, or Anarchists, have a right to practice and believe whatever they want. They are not wiccans, earth stewards, or mean people, for the most part. If you take the time and study what they believe, you will get a better understanding of what they are all about. Not to do so would be contempt prior to investigation, this would be like burning a woman at the stake because she knew which tea helps which ailment. (Sound familiar?)

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