Will i have a boyfriend in 2012 ?

will i have a boyfriend in 2012 ?

Merry Meet Seeker,
Although it is difficult to predict the future, you can make your dreams come true in 2012 by visualizing them deeply and taking the time to do some spells towards that cause. Here is one such spell for you:
Love Needle Spell
This spell will enable you to create a love charm that will attract boyfriends to you. After that, it is up to you.
For this simple spell, you will need two small needles. Be careful when you handle needles. We don’t need blood or anything for this spell. So be careful and do not poke yourself with the needles. You will also need a small satin or cloth bag to keep the needles safe after the spell is worked.
Step 1: Charge, empower and concecrate the needles. In this way, you are sharing your hopes, dreams and wishes into the needles so that they will act as messengers for you.
Step 2: Holding the two needles safely, visualize what you need for the future. Do you want a new boyfriend, a steady one who will be with you at all times, someone you can rely one, who will respect you, etc.
Step 3: Now name the needles. You may use a small pen to mark the needles as you and your future boyfriend.
Step 4: Carefully, insert the point of the male (that designated as your boyfriend) into the EYE of the female needle. Or you may insert the female needle into the eye of the male needle. The point is that you both are connected in many ways. That is our goal.
Step 5: Now that you have contacted a boyfriend in a magickal way, place the needles in that position into a charm bag and keep it in a safe place as a love charm.
Brightest Blessings

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