Will I lose Islam if I work on magick?

I am a muslim Man From Jordan I lesten that if i learn a magic i will return from Islam is it true?

Merry Meet Seeker, It is wonderful to hear from one living in Jordan. Magick has been around since life began on Earth. In the beginning, there were no religions. There were no wars and there were no countries at war! Life was peaceful as most people were nomads who lived in a place temporarily so that they would not use too many resources at one time. Slowly, as the number of people increased, some people wanted to take control of large groups. Whether it was for war with neigboring tribes or conquering other tribes and taking their land or their women, the idea for wars had been created. One of the weapons that people used to control others was religion. By making us fear the wrath of an invisible God, it was easy to control the scared ones. Of course, those who follow religions still need to do as their leaders say. Otherwise they will be ostracized or abandoned. Religions have become so powerful that they can cause people to be very afraid. Magick, however, is all about nature and freedom of thought and expression. This includes the people, animals, land, sea, sky and everything else around us. It is everything we see and many things that we cannot see. There is magick in most religions. However, the leaders don’t usually like to give the followers any freedom of thought. Some variants of Islam do include magick in their rituals but they are not allowed to publicly do witchcraft. Check out some of the following answers: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090906201448AAakz6s Each of us are given free will when we are born. So we have to make our decisions based on our intelligence, knowledge and courage or lack of it. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. abdulrahman says:

    then if wat u are saying is true then who wrote the holy quran
    human being cannot write something like that we all believe in spirits we do not see

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