Will money attracting spells work for me?

I am not a wiccan or witch. I am going through some financial hardship can money attracting spells work for me?

Try putting an 8 on your wallet and over the door to your office or cubicle, or wherever you do most of your work. 8 is the numerological representative of money. Whether you practice other forms of witchcraft or not, what will make this spell work is your knowledge that it will work, you can not second guess the spell or not believe in it, or nothing will happen. To work magick of any kind, you must KNOW that it is working.

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2 Responses to “Will money attracting spells work for me?”

  1. Neydis says:

    Hi Rose, my life is upside down and honestly I feel I cant go on. I am living in a city I hate , have so much debt and I dont think ill ever be able to get out of here. I am too scared and dont have the financial means.I dont have love in my life and I am completely alone. Everyone has turned their backs on me. Is there anything I can do to turn my life around.

  2. emil says:

    hey rose,i have money problems i need to get a car but and have a better life with my children what shouldi do?

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