Will my boyfriend come back?

me an my ex have been broken up for 6 months. Now he is with someone else(the one he had an affair with). Are we going to get back together in the near furure?

That is not really something that I can answer. It seems to me that it is up to you and your ex- as to whether or not you will ever get back together again or not. However, what I would like to ask you is if you would really want him back at this point? From your question it sounds like he has already cheated on you once and has now gone on to form a relationship with the person that he cheated on you with. So, even if the opportunity presented itself, would you really want someone like that back in your life? Relationship, much like love, are in general built on a foundation of trust. He has already proven to you that he is less than trustworthy and even if he was to come back and try to resolve things with you, could you really get past the hurt and pain that he has already caused you to have anything resembling a healthy relationship? If the answer is no, then why would you even want him back? One of the best things that comes from these bad situations is the respect that we can learn to develop for ourselves. Knowing that just because someone has treated us poorly does not mean that we deserved it, and is certainly no reason to allow them to continue to do so.

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  1. susan says:

    i am asking a question,shall i go out if abig debts by doing witchtcraft.i been doing this for long but nothing happen.i want to be more atractive and ,i want all the people owes me money pay me back .i know u can help me.thank you so much ,miss rose

  2. bhaby_gurl26 says:

    Rose .. please help me i want my ex boyfriend came back 2 me.. i love him so much i cant live without him.. hes falling in love with some other i want the girl get lost in our life .. pleaze help

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