Will my spells work even though I am not a true Wiccan?

I practice spells and rituals alot but I have personaly made my own practices of belief. Will my spells still work even though im not true wiccan

Merry Meet Seeker,
It is wonderful to hear that you regularly practice spells and rituals. Regardless of whether you are Wiccan or not, the spells will work if you follow the path that has been set by Wiccan practitions and others who practice similar Nature religions. The Universe does not distinguish between Wiccans and non-Wiccans. The Universe is only concerned with our goals and the methods by which we attain those goals.
Any good person (Wiccan or not) can easily create their own future life by following the tenets of similar people who have passed it on to us. Although Wicca is an accepted religion, there are many humans who follow its teachings and live a life where they are concerned with doing good in life and cherishing the wonderful world that is before us. The Wiccan way (and that of many natural religions) have been around since humans settled on Earth.
Wicca is not just about spells and rituals. Wiccan practioners usually are concerned with preserving the riches of our planet, helping others to become good citizens and above all to take care of everything around us. Nature is of utmost concern to Wiccans as we see our precious lands being abused by huge corporations which poisonous pesticides and synthetic fertilizers which will destroy the long term health of the entire planet.
When you practice rituals, focus on Nature and its blessings that we need to live. It is better to live while loving others and helping each other rather than live alone as an island. Remember to share your blessings.

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  1. sean says:

    What is a wiccan? Is it just like basically being magic hippie? Please do not think i am trying to bash wiccans (or hippies), i was just wondering.

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