Will you please heal the marriage or my parents

Please Rose Ariadne, with your almighty powers, will you please fix the marriage of Colin P Curran and Kara Costa-Curran, (my mom and dad*). Can you please do this for me?

Dear child, I can imagine how difficult it is to see your parents argue or have other marriage problems. You have the power to talk to each of them and see if you can help in any way. If they refuse to talk to you, beg them to go to a counselor. Tell both your parents that you love them so much and that you feel miserable when they don’t get along. As your parents are individuals with their own will and powers, it will not be wise to meddle in their plans. However, you can use your own powers to do this Happy Home spell which will dispel negativity and anger from your home. Here it is: Happy Home Spell Get a small white candle. Keep a piece of paper and a pen ready. Also get a teaspoon of honey and set it aside. Keep a bowl of water nearby. Hold the candle (unlit) with both hands, close your eyes and think of all the sorrows in your life. Place the candle on a fireproof bowl. and write down on the pieces of paper all of the events that are happening in your life that are so distressing to you. Anoint this page with the honey. Using a toothpick or a spatula, you can spread the honey on the paper. Fold the paper in half. Light the candle and chant: Sadness, go to the flames Fire spirit, take my pain! Gently hold a corner of the folded note over the candle and let it burn. Be careful and use the water in the bowl if necessary to douse the flame. Visualize all the pain in the house being removed by the fire energies. You may do other spells to ease the tension in the home and make it a happy place. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Rob says:

    Just one note here:

    The flashpoint of honey is considerably higher than that of a candle……

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