Witch Initiation ritual and Immortality Spell

What is the first kind of Witchcraft ritual I should do? What is the first spell most beginners should do?

If you are part of a coven, there may be specific rituals that you will have to perform before you are initiated into the group. You can however, perform a solitary initiation.

If you would like to find out more about covens, check out the website maintained by the “Witches’ Voice” at http://www.witchvox.net/xwotw.html  Go to the “A Link to your area page” at the bottom of the webpage and login.

You can also meet up with witches in your area by going to http://witches.meetup.com/ and entering your location.

If, however, you would like to do the first ritual (initiation) by yourself, then do the following:

  1. Cleanse yourself (take a bath) and put on a clean cotton robe. Remove all jewelry.
  2. Purify the area, preferably a private circular space outside. You can use a broom to cleanse the area or burn a bundle of sage, holding it over your head while walking over in a spiral pattern  around the circle, pausing at each of the four quadrants, north, south, east and west.) Also place stones at each of the quarter points.
  3. Set up the altar at the east side with candles to represent Goddess and God, salt and water for purification, the Athame, oil and incense.
  4. Summon the powers of the earth, fire, water and air to guard over you.
  5. Speak aloud “Guardians of the North, sacred spirit of the Earth. Into the stillness of your cold dark womb shall you accept my death, the death of my former self. I bid you hail and welcome. Guardians of the East, sacred spirit of air. As the sun rises in the east, so shall you guide my rebirth into my new life as a Witch. I bid you hail and welcome. Guardians of the South, sacred spirit of Fire. You shall be my protector as I go forth from here, along my new path. I bid you hail and welcome. Guardians of the West, sacred spirit of Water. Cleanse my spirit and keep it every pure from now and into the future.
  6. Lie on the floor on your back. You can lie with your head to the North.
  7. Recite “I am entering the stillness before creation, I am entering the ground of the Goddess, May my body be still, May my mind be peaceful, May my heart be ready”.
  8. Now be at peace; Feel the peace of the Goddess flow into you. Feel yourself merge with the cold Earth beneath you.
  9. Now dance with abandon in the sacred space until you are exhausted.
  10. When you recover, anoint yourself with the sacred oil. Say “I anoint myself priest/priestess of the old religion, and I take my name (mention your magickal name here)
  11. Then say” I (name) in the presence of the forces of the Universe and the Divine, do of my own free will and mind most solemnly swear that I will ever abide by the religion and science of the Craft of the Wise. I shall neither harm my fellow humans with the secrets that I learn nor shall I flaunt my beliefs or powers before them. From this day on I shall be reborn as (magickal name here) and shall honor, respect and cherish this oath I have taken’>
  12. Kneel in front of the altar. Say to yourself “I am reborn. I am a Witch. I am a Priestess/Priest”.
  13. Close the circle and dismiss the quarters after thanking them. You are officially a Witch now!
  14. For more on initiation, go to (http://www.magicwicca.com/wicca/init1.htm)

The first spell you can perform is the one for you to live a long, healthy life:

Immortality be upon this one! He is a sharer of the Sun’s everlasting life.

Indra and Agni have blessed him, and have taken him into immortality.

Bhaga and Soma are with him, carrying him high, to prolong his days.

There will now be no danger of death.

This world will keep you, forever, rise up!

The Sun, the Wind, the Rain, are all with thee!

(Spell from Atharva Veda)

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