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hello there the problem is my ex partner lives in a different country, we was so in love and was planing to get married, she is younger then me, but when her mum found out she went mad, i started to treat her very bad, since we broke up,she has got her self in to some much troble with the law,now she realise what she has done, she blames her mum for breaking us up,at christmas time we was getting closes i call her over the phone,then she just pushed me away saying i dont need this now, you live there i live here, since then i havnt heard anything ive called up five psychics they same the same things shes wants to be with me,and she wants to leave, what can i do when shes scard of her mum who is treating her bad, these psychic says she needs to move, can you help me on what to do thanks

Hello there my dear, Why would you feel the need to consult four different psychics about this matter? That seems to be more than a little bit excessive, don’t you think? And at the end of the day, it sounds like they are simply telling you what you want to hear instead of what the facts may indeed be. You say that her mum went mad and that you started treating her bad as a result. Well, that does not sound like very supporting, loving behavior to me at all. In fact, it kind of sounds like someone did not get their way and threw a bit of a fit about the whole thing. Perhaps worrying more about their own feelings than they were about the feelings of others? And well, assuming that the girl involved is of legal age and an adult and what have you, it seems that there is only so much blame that can be put on the mum at this point. As well, if she is really unhappy, then she can always leave and do what she wants to do… right? Generally, if she is not returning your calls or your e-mails… well, that probably should be an indicator that something is not quite clicking there the way you might have hoped it would. My suggestion would be to contact her one final time and be very straight and very honest with her… and ask her to do the same for you in return. If it is meant to be… it will be there. If not, then sometimes we have to move on and let go….

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