I worry that my christian beliefs are not linning up with this intense interest I have and that evil has a part in this and that is not what i want, although christianity has not saved my marrige or brought him back to me totally long story I believe in one GOD and ONE JESUS CHRist but I feel powerless and depressed more then I can tell you there is something I am missing , I know I have some power that I have not tapped into but some of this scares me.

Hello there my dear, I am very sorry to hear that you are in such an obviously bad way at the moment… and well, it is completely natural to look to new things when we get depressed and the old tried and true systems we have built and developed for ourselves just do not seem to be working any longer. It is generally referred to as having a crisis of faith…. Unfortunately, I am not really sure that there is any real way to reconcile the beliefs of Christianity with the beliefs of a more pagan religion such as Wicca… at least from a Christian stand-point. Like many of the more mainstream religions Christianity puts forth that there can only be a single god and a single manner in which things work… at least according to the doctrine of the churches that tout said beliefs…. And I cannot help but notice that there really is not a question in what you have written to me… but it is instead more a series of concerns and statements. And as such, I am not really sure as to what you may or may not be looking for here. If you are wanting someone to tell you that your beliefs are right or wrong… well, unfortunately you have come to the wrong place for that. i have never been one to condemn anyone else’s belief system… so long as it harms no other in the process….

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