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hello my name is jawad nd im from pakistan plz can u tell me is there any spell to make my self smart,slim,good looking?no girls are intrested in me plz plz plz tell me what can i do plz.m a student…………………..plzzzzzzzzz

Merry Meet Jawad,
Youth is a very happy time of life and yet it can be a very frustrating time indeed. It can be very disappointing if people of the opposite sex choose to ignore us. Socially, there are many things we can do to attract others. Watching the popular boys, you can get hints on what to say or what the girls want to hear from you. If you have sisters, ask for their help in making you more approachable and inviting.
Here is a spell that you can use to write down your wishes (become smart, slim and good looking?) or any other worries that you wish to send off to the Universe for resolution.
Ancient Egyptians were the ones who first used written wish spells. The medium in those times were stones that were engraved with sacred incantations and powerful images to make dreams come true. Water was then poured over the tablets so that it covered the engraved images and mantras, absorbing their powers. This water was so powerful that anyone who consumed it was believed to be blessed with those very powers.
For this spell, get a good quality china plate, preferably white. Get some non-toxic ink or make some of your own. Make sure that the ink won’t hurt your body because you have to drink some of it. You may also use some food dye as the ink and use a toothpick or fine stick as a pen. On this plate, write your desires in detail.
Hold the plate in both of your hands and read the words again, visualitzing them coming true immediately. See yourself as the person you wish to be. Boil water, preferably spring or rain water.
Place the plate in a larger vessel and wash it with the boling water. The ink should disappear and blend with the poured water. When the water cools, drink it . You will have success in twenty four hours.
Brightest Blessings

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