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What are the 10 top most important spells?

Can Magick remove fear with spells?

I really believe in magic and supernatural powers. But I have a terrible fear of evil ( Satan and black magic) and for me, sitting in the dark alone would be impossible! Sometimes I feel like I have a serious problem with that fear. I need to learn some easy money, protection and luck spells which don’t require a lot of ingredients. I searched for many websites on the internet but I couldn’t [...]

Can I do spells while lucid dreaming?

Can my spells and rituals be as effective or more so while lucid dreaming?

Can I do charmed spells?

Will I be able to do spells like they do on the Charmed TV Show?

Can Magick spells get rid of my breast size insecurities?

How does one get over insecurities about her breast size when they are small and can’t afford to enlarge them?

What if I have to itch during meditation?

I think i have succeeded in meditations but, if we get itchy or something during the meditation time does that mean where not meditating right.

Can Magick find lost items?

Can I use a spell to find a lost item which is very important to me?

Can I see the effects of my Magic Spells?

Can I do magic that I can acually see? For example; change my eye color, lose weight instanly,or be mor beautiful?

Can spells help a friend with problems?

How can I help a friend who is on a very destructive path?

Can Magick spells change my gender?

How can I temporarily change my gender?

Can Witchcraft spells hepl anxiety?

I am just learning the Wiccan ways and want to know if my spells will work so soon and can I help someone special with his anxiety?

How do you get rid of acne by using magick?

Is it easy to create my own spells?

How easy is it to create your own spells or rituals, being they are always more powerful and better to use. Right?

Can I control fire with spells?

Does chanting increase the power of spells?

Is it true that speaking/writing spells in rhyme makes the spells more powerful? Or, is it just a way to commit the spells to memory more easily.

Is there a spell to increase height?

I need a spell that will make me grow taller quickly

Can anyone cast spells on themselves?

Can anyone use it and if so can they use it on long does it take a spell to work?

Is it possible to cast spells without having to do a full ritual?

Is it possable to chant affirminations and spell energy walking around as you perform daily activities without having to cast a circle and if so is it safe to do so like that?

Do you have to be a Witch to cast spells?

Can you just do spell casting as a witch?

Is there a spell to control the weather?

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