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Magick – How safe is it?

is magic safe

Can I practice Wicca while homeless?

I have one problem with all this and that is I am homeless and live Out of my car what do I do?

Where can I get good advice?

“i just wanted to quickly ask you do you have any information or web sites you can share with me that i can do some research and get soon as i started reading your information it made more since to me than anyone i have talked to.. you told the pure blunt truth to the love spells unfortunately i learned to latemy mind is spinning needing advice but not sure where to look up information..i [...]

Who makes spells come true?

What is the truth about Magick?

Where does one go for the truth about magic? There are many lies online.

Which Witchcraft book should I follow?

There are too many books how do I know which is the right book I want?

What is the Wiccan Rede?

Can anyone practice witchcraft or must one have special qualifications?

How do you cast a circle?

Is Wicca only for people that want things?

I don’t feel like I need anything else in life – I have all I need… why would someone in my situation have a need to practice Wicca? Is it only for people that need things?

Is Wicca real?

What Is Wicca, And Is It Real? I want to make sure it really works before I waste my time.

What can Witchcraft do?

What are the greatest powers achievable through real witchcraft?

How do I find caring, honest, witchcraft teachers?

I am new to the craft so my most important question is where to find real caring teachers to guide me in my journey and teach me the truths of the craft?

Does the moon effect Magick potions?

Do the lunar positions affect the quality of potions??

How do you perform a hand fasting ritual?

Can I practice Wicca and still believe in God?

Do you have to follow the witches creed?

Can I tell my parents I am doing Witchcraft?

Do you tell your parents if you are doing Witchcraft? Even if you are doing Witchcraft with 3 other people?

How do you start practicing wicca?

How do you start practicing wicca?

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